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How to Choose a Child-Friendly Honda at a Fair Pricing in Randolph, MA

If you are a parent, you know too well what lengths you go to when keeping your children safe. The question is, as you investigate the pricing, quality, and features of vehicles on a Honda dealership lot in Randolph, MA, do you think about the safety of your children? If you don’t, you should. In fact, there are a lot of things to consider when shopping for a vehicle to make sure it is kid friendly.

Start with Body Style

When exploring dealerships in Randolph, MA, in the quest for a child-friendly vehicle, you might not think the vehicle’s body style matters much. It, however, does. Typically, you end up choosing between a sedan, hatchback, or minivan. A sedan is a popular and obvious choice because it appears to have more usable interior space. The hatchback, however, offers more flexibility for a family with toys, strollers, and car seats. Of course, you have the option of getting a vehicle with a big trunk, but juggling children and getting items out of a trunk can be a hassle.

Wide Doors

While the pricing of the Honda you decide to buy for your family is important, you need to make sure the vehicle fits your needs. For starters, you should inspect the width of the doors. Do the doors open wide enough for a couple of kids to climb in at the same time? Is there enough room for you to install a car seat or two? Can an adult climb into the back and tend to a child if needed? A minivan is ideal for a family with small children, as the dual sliding doors make getting everyone into the vehicle an easy task. Technically an SUV offers a little more flexibility in terms of where you can put things; it, however, usually has a bigger price tag. Minivans are also popular because the pricing is usually cheaper.


It is important to do some research as you explore dealerships in the Randolph, MA, area to learn more about the safety ratings of the vehicles you might buy. If a vehicle does not have a high safety rating or has a lot of part recalls for safety issues, you may want to consider something else. Fortunately, there are a lot of choices within the Honda umbrella.

When you need a kid-friendly vehicle, take a trip to a Honda dealership in Randolph, MA, such as Boch Honda to discuss pricing options available.



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