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Pricing of a Honda in Needham, MA: Understanding What You Are Buying with HondaLink

The pricing of a new Honda – or any other vehicle for that matter – sitting on the lot of a dealership in Needham, MA, varies based on the extra features you customize the vehicle to have. To decide whether the features are worth the price tag, it helps to learn more about them. Honda, like every other auto manufacturer in the industry, wasted no time embarking on the technology bandwagon. As such, HondaLink was born to keep drivers connected to technology. The question is how much do you know about HondaLink?

Built for Honda Drivers

Everyone in Needham, MA, has apps on their smartphones, tablets, and computers they use constantly. Your favorite apps differ from other members of your family because application developers design them to target certain kinds of people. HondaLink is a system designed with this idea in mind. Here are all the ways HondaLink helps you:

·         Have you ever spent several hours in a store or a day in the mall only to come out and have no idea where you parked? HondaLink can send you parking reminders as well as provide you with walking directions back to your vehicle.

·         Do you have a habit of locking your keys in the car? HondaLink can alert 24-hour road assistance if you get locked out of your vehicle.

·         Do you find the warning lights on the dashboard confusing? HondaLink can help you understand what the various warning lights on your dashboard mean.

·         Do you have a problem with speeding? You can set HondaLink to alert you when you need to slow down to avoid a ticket.

·         Do you ever start to drive somewhere and change your mind on where you are going? You can use the voice feature to tell HondaLink where you need to go at any time and the navigation system will update.

Alerts and Appointments

While trying to decide if the pricing of a new Honda is worth the investment, think about how you are with appointments and deadlines. Do you remember to change your vehicle’s oil? Do you remember you have a doctor’s appointment in two weeks? You can set your HondaLink up a lot like a daily planner and it will remind you of appointments and deadlines.

HondaLink is just one of the many reasons a Honda is a great buy. Take a trip to Boch Honda in Needham, MA, to discuss the pricing of a new Honda today. 


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