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How to Avoid Haggling When You Buy a Honda Pilot in Natick, MA

While there are some people who enjoy the thrill of haggling with a dealer in Natick, MA, over the final pricing of the Honda Pilot they want to buy, a lot of people don’t. Fortunately, you can buy a vehicle without spending time bartering over the final pricing. Most people just don’t know how.

Offer Your Realistic Top Dollar

Obviously, any dealer wants to sell a Honda Pilot for as much money as they can get out of it. However, there is a bottom dollar the dealership will not go under. Look at the asking price, consider the value of the vehicle and offer an amount that is the most you would pay for the vehicle. Make it clear that you are not interested in haggling, but you do want to buy the vehicle. Either you offer a price that is above the dealer’s bottom dollar and they take the offer, or you walk away and buy something else. Either way, you avoid haggling completely.

Trade in Your Old Transportation

One surefire way to drive down the pricing on the Honda Pilot you want to buy is to offer your previous mode of transportation as a trade-in. Exactly how much trade-in credit you get depends on what kind of vehicle you have. Most dealerships offer a little more to someone trading it in as credit toward the purchase of a new vehicle than someone who wants to trade it in for cash. You should shop around for your trade-in before you commit to a dealership. It is easy to just trade it into the dealership you plan to buy the vehicle from. But you could find someone else willing to offer more money on the vehicle.

Be Willing to Walk Away

There are a lot of dealerships in Natick, MA. You should not feel any pressure to buy a vehicle if the price is not right for your budget and your needs. It is easier to walk away from a deal than to continue to haggle when the dealership is not offering a price you can afford. Don’t waste your time haggling with someone who does not take your price offers seriously.

At Boch Honda, we want you to drive to your home to Natick, MA, in your new Honda Pilot happy with the deal you received. Therefore, we have no interest in haggling over every extra penny we can squeeze out of you. We just want to help you find the best price possible.


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