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Choosing the Best Honda Dealership Near Me in Norwood, MA: Understanding Online Reviews

Buying a vehicle from a Honda dealership near me in Norwood, MA, is one of the biggest decisions a purchase makes. Do you want a used or new vehicle? Do you want an SUV, minivan, truck, or maybe something sporty? Not only do you have to determine what vehicle you want to buy, you have to think about where you want to buy the vehicle. How do you know which dealership you should do business with? Resources such as online reviews can certainly help. In fact, here’s everything you need to know about searching for the best local dealerships. 

Online Dealership Reviews 

Online reviews play a massive role in the reputation of any local business in Norwood, MA. Nearly 90 percent of shoppers base the decision on where to shop on recommendations and reviews. So, when you Google “Honda dealership near me,” make sure you add the word “review” or “reviews” to the end. 

You can find reviews in a lot of different places on the internet. Just start with the social media profile of the Honda dealership near me you looked up. On some social media platforms – such as Facebook – customers can leave reviews on the business page. You can also find “visitors posts” from customers, and you can see what people say about the business when they tag or hashtag it. 

As you explore reviews and determine which dealerships in Norwood, MA, you want to do business with, you have to remember to take bad reviews with a grain of salt. It is better to look at the overall average of the reviews a dealership receives. One bad review does not necessarily mean a dealership provides poor service. If, however, there are 20 customer reviews for the dealership and 15 of them are bad, this is a dealership you should avoid. More importantly, check websites such as Rip Off Report and BBB to make sure you find reputable customer reviews. 

While there is no harm in looking at the website of a Honda dealership near me to see if it has customer testimonials, you should not decide with only this information in hand. You have to keep in mind the dealership controls the content that appears on its website. So, for obvious reasons, the dealership only tends to display testimonials that paint it in a positive light. 

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