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Should You Buy a New or Used Honda at a Dealership Near Me in Newton, MA?

According to NFL quarterback Peyton Manning, “nothing beats that new car smell.” But, is the captivating new car smell worth the hefty price tag? Truthfully, there are both pros and cons to buying a new or used Honda from a dealership near me in Newton, MA. As tempting as making the decision based on nothing more than pricing is, there are other factors to consider. In fact, there are some questions you should ask and answer to determine whether new or used is the better choice for you.

Is a New Honda Cheaper to Maintain?

On average, a new car needs less maintenance and repairs than a new vehicle. It is not until a vehicle is about five-years old or exceeds 100,000 miles that it becomes expensive to fix. For a new vehicle, the biggest reason why you should need to go to a mechanic in Newton, MA is for an oil change or other routine maintenance, such as brake work. Warranties attached to new cars also tend to help curb the cost of repairs and maintenance.

Is it Cheaper to Finance a New Honda?

This may come as a surprise, but the financing rates depend a lot less on the age of the car and a lot more on your credit history. Although many car manufacturers like Honda will sometimes offer low financing rates on late models, this is not always the case. Many banks will offer the best financing options to those with good credit regardless of the vehicle’s age. It's smart to shop around Newton, MA, for the best financing deals and to make sure your credit is in good standing whether you buy new or used.

Is a New Honda Going to Last Longer?

When you buy a new Honda in Newton, MA you can rest assured that you're getting one of the most reliable vehicles on the market. Buying new is always a great choice because, since you’re the first person to drive and own it, you know the car’s history of the car. On the other hand, Honda is known for making reliable cars, and even a used one will give you many years of excellent driving and reliability. It all boils down to your budget. Either way, you're going to get an amazing vehicle.

Whether you want to buy a new or used Honda from a dealership near me in Newton, MA, Boch Honda is the place to go. If you take a trip to our dealership, you will find one that fits your needs. 


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