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Questions to Ask a Used Honda Dealer in Newton, MA

When you buy a used vehicle from a Honda dealer in Newton, MA, you need to know what to expect. After all, you don’t want to buy a car only to drive away and find out your ride is a lemon, meaning it isn’t going to serve your needs or its going to break down all the time. There are several important questions to ask before you buy a car. Here are some of the most common points to consider.

Can I see the vehicle history report for this car?

If you are going to ask your used Honda dealer any question, this is it. You aren’t going to know what kind of vehicle you’re getting yourself into if you don’t see the vehicle history report. This document will tell you all about the car’s past, including information on accidents and any sustained damage. This information is essential for making a smart decision, so don’t forget to ask. If the dealer can’t show you the vehicle history report, you need to buy from someone else.

Can I secure financing here?

If you are like most people shopping for a car in Newton, MA, you can’t afford to pay with cash. That’s why you need to secure an auto loan. While you can do this at a local bank or credit union, that is usually a hassle. You will have to go all over town searching for the best deal. Instead, you can get a loan through your dealership’s financial center, knowing you’re getting a good price. On top of that, it’s the most convenient option. Therefore, make sure you ask before you look for an auto loan elsewhere.

Can I see similar vehicles?

Have you found a car you like but it doesn’t meet all of your needs? Ask your Honda dealer to show you similar vehicles. With the help of a professional sales person, you will find it easier to pick out a ride that works for you.

Do you have other questions to ask your Honda dealer? Come to Boch Honda and let one of our expert sales representatives help you in your car-buying journey. We are willing to answer all your questions to get into a vehicle you love.


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