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Frequently Asked Questions About Maintaining Your Honda CR-Z in Medfield, MA

The beauty of buying a Honda CR-Z from a dealership in Medfield, MA, is you can take the Honda back to the dealership when it needs servicing. To provide your new mode of transportation the best possible care, you must understand the maintenance needs of the vehicle. To help Honda owners take better care of their vehicles, here’s a list of frequently asked questions about maintaining a CR-Z or any other vehicle within the Honda brand.

When Does Your Vehicle Need Service?

The first – and most important – question to ask is: When do you know your Honda CR-Z needs service? There are really just four key times a Honda needs service:

•    At recommended maintenance times
•    When a warning light flips on
•    When you notice an unusual smell, vibration, or noise
•    When there is obviously something wrong with the vehicle

Once you buy a new Honda and have a chance to take it for a drive around the streets of Medfield, MA, you get to know the vehicle. When enough time passes, you know the vehicle better than anyone else. You know when something smells off, sounds off, or feels off. Anytime you get that feeling in the pit of your stomach that something is wrong, it is time to take the vehicle in for a check-up. If you are aware of your vehicle and keep up with routine maintenance, you should not run into any major problems. After all, Honda is a reliable and durable brand. Any vehicle within the Honda umbrella should treat you right.

Where Should You Take Your Vehicle for Service?

Ideally, you receive the best service at the dealership in Medfield, MA, where you bought the car. Depending on the terms of your contract, the dealership may even be under obligation to service your vehicle when you take it in. Therefore, reading and keeping the paperwork from when you bought the vehicle is so important. You might find yourself entitled to a discount you did not know existed. They may even do some of the work for free.

The other benefit of the dealership where you bought the Honda CR-Z working on your vehicle is the well-trained technicians have access to the best Honda parts. In most cases, the dealership orders these parts directly from the manufacturer.

Get Service from Someone You Trust

Bring your Honda CR-Z back to Boch Honda in Medfield, MA, and let us service it for you today.


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