Honda CR-Z Lease Newton, MA

Why You Should Lease a Honda CR-Z in Newton, MA

How do you like the idea of spending less money upfront, driving home in a brand-new vehicle, and spending less money on maintenance and upkeep? While you might think that sounds too good to be true, it isn’t. If these are things that appeal to you, you should lease a new Honda CR-Z in Newton, MA instead of buying one.

What Does Leasing a Car Mean?

If you decide to lease a vehicle such as a Honda CR-Z, it is not that different from renting the vehicle. You just keep the vehicle for significantly longer. Leasing differs from buying a vehicle because when you buy a vehicle, you become the owner of the vehicle once you finish making payments. A person who leases the vehicle never becomes the owner of the vehicle. The only exception is if you made the decision to buy out the lease at the end of the contract. While leasing a vehicle is not an ideal setup for everyone, it does offer a lot of perks.

You Drive a New Vehicle

Arguably, the largest perk of the decision to lease a vehicle is the opportunity to drive a new vehicle around the streets of Newton, MA. A lot of people never get the pleasure of driving a brand-new vehicle around their hometown because they cannot afford one. With a lease, it does not matter what you can and can’t afford to buy. If you can afford the monthly lease payments, you have nothing to worry about.

No Auto Repair Worries

Typically, the decision to lease a Honda CR-Z instead of buying one comes with a warranty for auto repairs. This is because it is in the dealership’s best interest to keep the vehicle in pristine working order. Obviously, as the leaser, you have an obligation to treat the vehicle well. So, this doesn’t mean you can beat the vehicle up and expect them to fix it. But, it does mean they will handle routine maintenance at their service center as long as you bring the vehicle in.

Lease Your Next Vehicle with Us

When you want to drive a new Honda CR-Z around the streets of Newton, MA, but cannot afford to do so, come down to Boch Honda and let us discuss setting you up to lease one instead. Leasing a vehicle is an affordable way to drive a brand-new vehicle as your mode of transportation.


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