Honda CR-Z Lease Newton, MA

First-Timer’s Guide to a Honda CR-Z Lease in Newton, MA

Anytime you turn on the television, listen to the radio, or browse the internet, an advertisement promoting an incredible deal on an all-new Honda CR-Z lease hits you in the face. The best deal, however, often is not the one you see on advertisements. In some cases, it is the deal a dealership offers you to one-up a deal a competitor offers. In other cases, it is a special lease only offered to locals for a limited time. You owe it to yourself to shop around and ask questions before you commit to the deal you saw on television or heard on the radio – there may be a better deal waiting for you in Newton, MA.

The Internet

Go to the internet and browse the websites of dealerships in Newton, MA, you might want to do business with. See if you can find a section called “lease specials” or “lease incentives.” You can also get on the customer service chat and talk to a representative about what current lease specials the dealership offers. You might find the internet sales department of the dealership offers you an even better deal. This is largely because the virtual representatives receive paychecks based on the volume of sales, while the physical reps at the dealership receive commission checks based on how much buyers spend.

Read the Small Print

As you browse dealerships in Newton, MA, and look at lease deals, always make sure you read the fine print. For example, you may find a lease deal is only available for a Honda CR-Z in a specific trim level. More importantly, you also need to read the terms of the lease regarding what the dealership looks for when you return the vehicle, what you are responsible for in terms of upkeep, and what kind of mileage limitations you have. Getting a great lease deal on a vehicle you want to drive as your temporary mode of transportation is possible. You just want to make sure you do not put yourself in a situation where not reading the fine print costs you money. There is a perfect lease deal for everyone; you just need to find the one for you.

If you want to lease a Honda CR-Z as your next mode of transportation around the streets of Newton, MA, take a trip to Boch Honda and let us give you a hand.


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