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Save on Honda CR-V Repairs Pricing in Wellesley, MA: Winter Driving Tips for Your Teen

As temperatures drop and the chilly weather rolls in, the ice, rain, and snow also begin to form. These spell major problems for the pricing of your repair bill on your Honda CR-V. Sure, you could save money by putting your vehicle up for the winter and making your teenager carpool around Wellesley, MA, or you could prep your teenager for driving in the snow. With these tips, your teenager – and your vehicle – will remain safe during the winter months.

Know the Basics

The actual conditions of the road are not always the same as what they were during driver’s education. It is up to you to make sure your child knows how to drive in all road conditions. Sometimes, this means taking your teenager out as if he or she never slipped behind the wheel before and reteaching the basics. The only difference is you do it when it is full-blown winter outside. This way you prepare him or her for driving the streets of Wellesley, MA, during the winter months.

Moreover, it is also important to discuss what to do if something goes wrong while cruising the streets of Wellesley, MA, during the winter months. Does your teenager know how to handle a vehicle that slips on the ice? Does your child know what to do if he or she loses control of the vehicle? Does your child understand defrosting and other aspects of preparing the vehicle to drive during the winter months?

Take Your Time

Remind your teenager to slow down while cruising the streets of Wellesley, MA, during the winter months. There is nothing wrong with driving a little slower than normal during the winter season. The easiest way to make sure you never drive too fast is to leave with enough time for you to be early to wherever you are going. While you should never wait till the last minute to leave, this is something you definitely should not do in the winter.

Service the Vehicle

Take your vehicle to the dealership in Wellesley, MA, where you bought it and make sure they service it on a regular basis. A poorly serviced vehicle is a death trap during the winter months.
If your Honda CR-V suffers any winter damage, bring it to Boch Honda in Wellesley, MA, and let us service it for you at an affordable pricing.


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