Honda CR-V Pricing Boston, MA

Technology Upgrades You Should Factor into the Pricing of Your New Honda CR-V in Boston, MA

The beauty of buying a new vehicle from a dealership in Boston, MA, is the freedom of customization. You can add extra features and neat technology add-ons that make your vehicle fun and easier to operate. There are some technology upgrades everyone should factor into the pricing of their new Honda CR-V because they offer so many benefits. Want to know which technology features you must have on your vehicle? Keep reading to find out.

Lane Change Detection

You can upgrade the vehicle you buy to drive around the streets of Boston, MA, to come equipped with all sorts of smart technology designed to protect the driver. For example, you can invest in technology that alerts you to an unexpected lane change. This way, you do not have to worry about accidentally drifting into another lane. It also alerts you if another driver starts drifting into your lane. With this feature, you have the warning you need to swerve out of the way to avoid an accident in many situations.

Backup Camera

Honestly, it does not matter how good the Honda CR-V pricing is if the vehicle does not come with a backup camera. The backup camera is great for giving you an extra pair of eyes to see what is behind your vehicle at all times.

Heated Seats with Massagers

While a lot of the technology upgrades you want to consider assist with your safety as you drive your vehicle on the streets of Boston, MA, some are for comfort and pleasure. Heated seats, for example, do not really add much to the safety factor of the vehicle. They do, however, make a vehicle more comfortable to drive in the brisk winter months. Seats with massagers are also great for those with lengthy commutes after long days at work. Who says you can’t relax until you get home from work? Heated seats with massagers allow you to relax the moment you clock out and settle into your vehicle for the drive home.

Upgrade and Customize Your Vehicle with Us

At Boch Honda in Boston, MA, we want you to have the Honda CR-V of your dreams at a pricing that fits your budget. We are happy to discuss all of the technology upgrades you have an interest in to figure out which ones do and don’t fit into your budget. Give us a call or come in and see us today.


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