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Should You Buy or Lease a Honda Accord in Boston, MA?

The time has come for you to upgrade the family vehicle. One of the major decisions you will have to make is what type of purchase agreement you are looking to engage in. The decision to purchase a new or used vehicle or lease one is a factor that will affect how and where you get your Honda Accord in Boston, MA. Here are some of the major points you need to know so that you can select the best option for your family and finances. 

Buying a New Honda Accord 

Whether you are planning to purchase local in Boston, MA, or search a bit further out, buying a new car can be a lot for a family to manage financially if they are not prepared for the cost. While how much you end up making in monthly car payments varies from one person to the next (depending on their credit), it ends up falling somewhere between a typical utility bill and your rent (or mortgage) in terms of cost. This is not a monthly expense you can juggle or postpone. Any financial advisor will tell you not to make a purchase on a brand-new vehicle unless you have your financials under control.

Buying a Used Model 

The best option for some families is to purchase a used Honda Accord. Visit numerous dealerships in the Boston, MA, area to see what used models are available to you. Remember, it’s not all about price and looks. Yes, the price is important, but sometimes those super-low-priced used cars are that way because of the problems they come with. 

Make sure that you get all the information about a car’s history, including past ownerships, accident records (if applicable), and maintenance history, if available. The more you know about the history of the used Honda Accord, the better equipped you are to decide whether to buy it. 

Additionally, depending on where you are purchasing your used Honda Accord in Boston, MA, the condition of the car dramatically drops the price and makes it much easier for you to receive approval for financing. Making the decision to buy used also opens the ability to purchase at dealerships that offer in-house financing, which is typically the best option for people with poor or little credit history. You will also note that your payments are going to be significantly lower than those that come with the expense of a new car. 

Leasing a Honda Accord 

If buying a new or used Honda Accord and making payments until you own the vehicle does not suit your senses, there is also the option to lease a car from one of your local dealerships. Leasing is ideal for someone who frequently feels bored with their mode of transportation or prefers to drive something new every few years. 

Regardless of what option you decide on, the sales and deals offered at Boch Honda in Boston, MA, make it a great dealership to look at for your new Honda Accord. Stop in or give us a call to schedule an appointment and see what car-buying options are available to you.


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